Hello Friends,

I am Debralyn Griffin, Holistic Nutritionist and Owner of The Griffin Pulse Health & Nutrition Consulting Company. I studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in the Holistic Nutrition Program for 2 years. I am currently enrolled in The Canadian Institute of Iridology, upon completion I will be a Certified Clinical Iridologist.

I have worked in Pharmacy for 22 years as a Home Health Care Manager and Certified Vascular Compression Fitter. It is in Pharmacy where I began supporting people with diabetes and helping them to lower their blood glucose levels, through nutritional meal planning. This is when I discovered the importance of lifestyle factors on your health. And so begins my journey to enlighten you in the importance of finding the root cause of your symptoms of feeling unwell.

I feel most alive when coaching you in how to heal and restore your health with food, natural supplements and lifestyle habits. I am here to help you discover and choose your own anti-inflammatory lifestyle instead of restricting yourself to a non-sustainable, rigid method of strict diet control.

With inspiration, coaching, extensive nutritional knowledge and natural supplements, together we will create breakthrough results that transform your health.

Together we will create a positive and healthy lifestyle plan for you.